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With WebP Cloud Services, you can easily render your images with lightweight WebP/AVIF format, resulting in significantly smaller file sizes and lightning-fast loading times for your website's images.

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Safety First 🔒

Your site data is encrypted using twofish-cbc(LUKS Full Disk Encryption) on our server, and network requests are protected by SSL.

European Infrastructure. 🇪🇺

We use servers in Hetzner's data centers in Nuremberg (Germany) and in Helsinki (Finland) and Hillsboro, Oregon (USA), with strict European data protection regulations.

Always Cache ⚡️

All the images will be cached and served directly from cache after first request, no more egress fee from your side!

Tons of Features 😎

Flip, sharpen, resize, blur, hue adjustment, watermark, filter effects and a lot more!

Public Services

Public reverse proxy to Gravatar/GitHub Avatar with WebP conversion, you can use this service at your will, for free.

WebP Cloud

With WebP Cloud, your images undergo automatic optimization to ensure superior performance and efficient utilization of resources.

WebP Server Go

The open source software that backs our services above...

WebP Cloud

Original image

PNG Image

Using WebP Cloud

46.92KB(7% size of original image)
WebP(WebP format is smaller than AVIF in this case) Image

Above image is coming from our own blog: libvips, CGO, and purego: How to Compile and Run Go Applications on different platforms, yes, we're eating our own dog food!


We support tons of features!

flip, sharpen, resize, blur, and a lot more!

More on our supported features →

Visual Effects

You want some watermark on your pics?

WebP Cloud supports adding watermark on your images, by setting GET params, or just add them on Dashboard to apply on all your images

  • Easy way for generating/previewing watermark
  • One click for adding to all images
More on our docs →

Visual Effects

We also support filters

1977, aden, brannan, Brooklyn, clarendon, earlybird, gingham... you name it, we deal with it!

  • Easy way for generating/previewing filter
  • One click for adding to all images
More on our docs →

WebP Cloud Statistics

Logs Analytics

View Logs and detailed analytics

Log Stream

Debuging for something? We got you covered! You can always view latest logs in Dashboard

Above image is logs coming from our own account on WebP Cloud, yes, we're eating our own dog food!
Unlike some other providers which charges user a fee or require a Plan upgrade to use detailed analytics, all of our users can use theses features, for free.

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WebP Cloud Pricing


😃 Always Free


Let's have some fun!

  • ⚡ Automatically optimizes images in your site
  • 🚧 Create up to 3 proxies
  • ✅ 2,000 free daily requests quota
  • 💵 100 MiB of cache per proxy
  • ♾️ Unlimited Bandwidth
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😉 Lite

3 USD/mo

Let's have some MORE fun!

  • ⚡ Automatically optimizes images in your site
  • 🚧 Create up to 6 proxies
  • ✅ 5,000 free daily requests quota
  • 💵 512 MiB of cache per proxy
  • ♾️ Unlimited Bandwidth

😃 Plus

10 USD/mo

Let's have LOTS OF fun!

  • ⚡ Automatically optimizes images in your site
  • 🚧 Create up to 10 proxies
  • ✅ 15,000 free daily requests quota
  • 💵 1024 MiB of cache per proxy
  • ♾️ Unlimited Bandwidth

😉 Custom Plan

? USD/mo

Do you need something special?

  • Unlimited requests quota
  • Unlimited Cache
  • Custom Domain

😋 Custom Domain

? USD/mo

Allows you to use your custom domain!

Quota packages

Theses are quota packages that can provide additional requests quota, in case you've go over your free quota, the quota bought here will be used to prevent your Proxy from being disabled.

🤩 Start small


  • 💶 10,000 requests quota
  • ✅ Prior support

🤩 Dream bigger

10 USD/50 CNY

  • 💶 150,000 requests quota
  • ✅ Prior support