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Free3 USD/mo10 USD/moCustom
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👏 Scale
Cache100 MiB / proxy512 MiB / proxy1024 MiB / proxyCustom
Daily request quota *2,0005,00015,000Custom
Proxies per user3610Unlimited
Multi-region cache replication✔
Custom UA for origin✔
Custom DomainPaid Addon **Paid Addon **Paid Addon **✔
🎧ī¸Ž Support
Email Support✔✔✔✔
Telegram Support✔✔✔✔
SLA for 99.99% Uptime✔
SLA for 99% Uptime✔✔✔✔
īŽŠīŽŠŲ¨Ų€ Monitoring
Realtime request logs✔✔✔✔
Full request logs downloadComing soon
Detailed analytics for last 15 days✔✔✔✔
🔒 Security
HTTPS/SSL by default✔✔✔✔
Full Disk Encryption✔✔✔✔
Single Sign-On (SSO) with GitHub✔✔✔✔
DDoS Mitigation✔✔✔✔
đŸ’Ļ Features
Image Resize✔✔✔✔
Image Sharpen✔✔✔✔
Image Flip✔✔✔✔
Image Blur✔✔✔✔
Image Rotate✔✔✔✔
Adjustment for Hue, Saturation,✔✔✔✔
Watermark on image✔✔✔✔

* At WebP Cloud, the bandwidth is unlimited and the only limit you have is your “Daily request quota”, which will be reset everyday at UTC, you can purchase “Quota packages” to add permanent requests quota, so if someday you go beyond your “Daily request quota”, your proxy will continue to function, and permanent requests quota will be consumed. If you run out all of your quota, all your Proxies will be disabled, and further requests will be redirected to origin(So your website will continue to show up images).

** If you’d like to use your own domain, like instead of, you can refer to Custom Domain | WebP Cloud Services Docs for more details.

Quota packages

Theses are quota packages that can provide additional requests quota, in case you’ve go over your free quota, the quota bought here will be used to prevent your Proxy from being disabled.

Start smallDream bigger
1 USD/5 CNY (one time)10 USD/50 CNY (one time)
10,000 permanent requests quota150,000 permanent requests quota